Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 - Five Inch Gun Mounts
Bill Maloney

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01USSNewJersey5InchTurret 02FiveInchTurretDoor 03USSNewJersey5InchTurret 04USSNewJersey5InchTurret
01 USS New Jersey 5 Inch Gun Mount 02 Five Inch Gun Mount Door 03 USS New Jersey 5 Inch Gun Mount 04 USS New Jersey 5 Inch Gun Mount
05USSNewJersey5InchTurret 06FiveInchGunsight 07FiveInchGunBreech 08FiveInchTurretInterior
05 USS New Jersey 5 Inch Gun Mount 06 Five Inch Gunsight 07 Five Inch Gun Breech 08 Five Inch Gun Mount Interior
09FiveInchBreechDetails 10FiveInchBreechExtractionM 11FiveInchTurretRear 12FiveInchGunsight
09 Five Inch Breech Details 10 Five Inch Breech Extraction Motor 11 Five Inch Gun MountRear 12 Five Inch Gunsight
13FiveInchBreechDetails 14FiveInchGunBreech 15FiveInchGunsight 16USSNewJerseyFiveInchTurre
13 Five Inch Breech Details 14 Five Inch Gun Breech 15 Five Inch Gunsight 16 USS New Jersey Five Inch Gun Mount

Battleship USS New Jersey

Mark 32 Twin 5 Inch 38 Cal Turret Specifications:

Shell Weight : 55lbs, 24lb powder charge
Shell Types: Hi Explosive, HE Fused AA, HE Radar Fused AA, Star Shell, & White Phosphorous
Horizontal Range : 10 Miles
Vertical Anti Aircraft Range: 32,000 feet
Rate of Fire : 20 Rounds Per Minute Max
Traverse Speed : 25 Degrees/Sec
Elevation Speed : 12 Degrees/Sec
Gun Mount Weight: 76 Tons
2.5" Frontal
14 per Turret
Number of Turrets:
Originally there were ten 5 inch turrets. Today there are six. Four 5 inch turrets were deleted to make room for Harpoon & Tomahawk Missile Launchers

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