Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 - Homeland Security Helicopter
Bill Maloney

01LandingApproach 02LandingApproach 03LandingApproach 04LandingApproach
01 Landing Approach 02 Landing Approach 03 Landing Approach 04 Landing Approach
05SqueezingBetweenTrees 06SqueezingBetweenTrees 07HomelandSecurityHelicopte 08HomelandSecurityHelicopte
05 Squeezing Between Trees 06 Squeezing Between Trees 07 Homeland Security Helicopter 08 Homeland Security Helicopter
09HelicopterLiftsOff 10HelicopterLiftsOff 11HelicopterLiftsOff 12HelicopterLiftsOff
09 Helicopter Lifts Off 10 Helicopter Lifts Off 11 Helicopter Lifts Off 12 Helicopter Lifts Off
13HelicopterLiftsOff 14HelicopterLiftsOff 15HomelandSecurityHelicopte  
13 Helicopter Lifts Off 14 Helicopter Lifts Off 15 Homeland Security Helicopter

What does this helicopter have to do with the USS New Jersey? Well, nothing really. Except they were doing takeoffs & landings on the shore just off BB-62's bow and I thought it was pretty cool. The museum staff thought so too and mentioned this doesn't happen often. There is a NJ State Police marina just a few hundred feet from the museum and it looked like they were taking divers onboard and flying them around a bit.

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